BlockStrap Documentation

Overview of the Blockstrap Default Template Parts

The Blockstrap WordPress theme offers a collection of default template parts that enable users to create a flexible and customizable website. These template parts include hero sections for various page types, main layouts, headers, footers, sidebars, and more. In this article, we will provide an overview of the default template parts included in the Blockstrap theme and explain their functions.

  1. hero-post
    • Purpose: Displays the hero section for single posts.
    • Description: The hero-post template part creates an eye-catching hero section on individual blog post pages. This section includes the post title, color background, and other relevant metadata, creating a visually appealing introduction to the content.
  2. hero-archive
    • Purpose: Displays the hero section for archive pages.
    • Description: The hero-archive template part is designed for archive pages, such as category, tag, and date-based archives. This hero section includes the archive title and description, providing context and a visually engaging introduction to the list of posts.
  3. main
    • Purpose: Provides the primary content area of the site.
    • Description: The main template part is the central content area of your website. It displays the main content on various page types, including blog posts, pages, and archives.
  4. header
    • Purpose: Displays the site header.
    • Description: The header template part is used to create the site header, which typically includes the site title, logo, and main navigation menu. This template part is essential for providing a consistent navigation experience across your website.
  5. footer
    • Purpose: Displays the site footer.
    • Description: The footer template part is responsible for creating the site footer, including additional navigation menus, widget areas, copyright information, and other content. The footer provides a consistent closing element across your site, helping to organize and structure your content.
  6. hero-page
    • Purpose: Displays the hero section for single pages.
    • Description: The hero-page template part creates a visually engaging hero section on individual pages. This section can include the page title, background color, and other relevant information, offering a visually appealing introduction to the page content.
  7. sidebar-right
    • Purpose: Displays a right sidebar.
    • Description: The sidebar-right template part creates a right-aligned sidebar on your website. This sidebar can include widgets, navigation menus, or other supplementary content, providing additional information and resources for your visitors.
    • Purpose: Displays the comments section.
    • Description: The comments template part displays the comments section on single posts and pages. This section includes a list of comments, a comment form for submitting new comments, and options for comment navigation and management.
  9. sidebar-left
    • Purpose: Displays a left sidebar.
    • Description: Similar to the sidebar-right template part, the sidebar-left template part is used for creating a left-aligned sidebar on your website. This sidebar can include widgets, navigation menus, or other supplementary content, offering your site a different visual balance and layout.

The Blockstrap theme’s default template parts provide a versatile and customizable foundation for building your WordPress website. By understanding the purpose and functionality of each template part, you can create a unique, cohesive, and professional-looking site that meets your specific needs and showcases your content effectively.