BlockStrap Documentation

BS > Navbar Brand

Block Description

The BS > Navbar Brand Block is a dedicated block to showcase your brand in the navigation bar. Whether it’s a text brand name or a logo, this block provides an array of customization options to cater to your branding needs. It’s a great way to maintain brand consistency across all your site pages and give your site a professional look and feel.

Block Features

  • Text input for a brand name or slogan.
  • Image upload feature to use a brand logo.
  • Customizable link types for the brand text or logo.
  • Typography options including text color, font size, and appearance.
  • Wrapper style adjustments including background color, margins, padding, border color, and shadow.
  • Advanced customization options with additional CSS classes.

Block Options


  • Text
    • TEXT (textarea): Add your brand text using this field.
  • Icon
    • Upload Image (file upload): Upload a logo image to represent your brand.
    • MAX WIDTH (text input): Define the maximum width for the logo image.
  • Link
    • LINK TYPE (dropdown): Choose the link type for your brand. Options include home, custom URL, or none.


  • Typography
    • TEXT COLOR (dropdown): Select the color of your brand text from the theme color palette.
    • FONT SIZE (dropdown): Choose the size of the text for your brand.
    • APPEARANCE (dropdown): Select the text appearance style for your brand.
    • FONT ITALIC (dropdown): Choose whether to italicize your brand text.
    • Text justify (checkbox): Check this to justify your brand text.
    • TEXT ALIGN (dropdown): Align your brand text as required.


  • Wrapper Styles
    • BACKGROUND COLOR (dropdown): Select a background color from the theme color palette for the brand block.
    • Margins (text input): Adjust the margins of the brand block.
    • Padding (text input): Adjust the padding within the brand block.
    • BORDER COLOR (dropdown): Choose a border color for the brand block from the theme color palette.
    • SHADOW (dropdown): Add a shadow effect to the brand block.
  • Advanced
    • ADDITIONAL CSS CLASS(ES) (text input): Input additional CSS classes for further customization of the brand block.