BlockStrap Documentation

BS > Shape Divider

Block Description

The BS > Shape Divider Block is a versatile and powerful design tool provided by the BlockStrap framework. It allows users to create attractive visual separators between different sections of their page. With a range of different shapes and styles, you can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your pages, breaking up content in a visually engaging way.

Block Features

This block boasts a wide range of features, enabling users to design various unique page separators. With options to choose from different types of shapes like Mountains, Waves, Zigzag, and many more, you can customize your page layout to fit your desired style. Furthermore, advanced options offer the capability of adding HTML anchors and CSS classes for enhanced customization.

Block options

  • Shape Divider
    • TYPE (Dropdown: None, Mountains, Drops, Clouds, Zigzag, Pyramids, Triangle, Triangle Asymmetrical, Tilt, Opacity Tilt, Opacity Fan, Curve, Curve Asymmetrical, Waves, Wave Brush, Waves Pattern, Arrow, Split, Book): Choose from an array of distinct shape types to serve as your content divider. Each type offers a unique aesthetic and can be selected based on the design of your page or the feel you’re aiming to create.
  • Advanced
    • HTML ANCHOR (input field): Here, you can enter a word or two without spaces to create a unique web address for this particular block, known as an “anchor.” With this, you’ll be able to link directly to this section of your page, providing smooth navigation for your site visitors.
    • ADDITIONAL CSS CLASS(ES) (input field): Apply custom CSS classes to the shape divider block for further customization. Enter one or more class names, separated by spaces, in the input field. These custom classes can be used to target the block with additional CSS rules defined in your theme or custom CSS file.