BlockStrap Documentation

BS > Post Excerpt

Block Description

The BS > Post Excerpt Block is designed to provide a succinct and compelling preview of your post content. This block extracts a brief portion of the post, making it an effective tool to entice readers and encourage further reading.

Block Features

The Post Excerpt Block is equipped with a range of features, allowing customization of the excerpt output, HTML tag settings, trimming options, and a host of typographic and stylistic choices to blend seamlessly with your site’s design.

Block Options


  • Excerpt
    • HTML TAG: Use the dropdown to choose between ‘span’, ‘div’, or ‘p’ as the wrapping HTML tag for the excerpt.
    • TRIM TYPE: Choose how to trim the excerpt with options for ‘words’ or ‘characters’ from the dropdown.
    • TRIM COUNT: Input the number of words or characters to be displayed in the excerpt.
    • TRIM APPEND: Input any characters to append to the excerpt after trimming (e.g., “…” for indicating continuation).


  • Typography
    • TEXT COLOR: Choose the text color from the theme color palette using the dropdown.
    • FONT SIZE: Select the size of the font from the dropdown options.
    • FONT LINE HEIGHT: Choose the line height from the dropdown options.
    • APPEARANCE: Choose the text appearance from the dropdown options.
    • Text justify: Check this box to justify the text.
    • TEXT ALIGN: Select the text alignment from the dropdown options.


  • Wrapper Styles
    • BACKGROUND COLOR: Choose the background color from the theme color palette using the dropdown.
    • Margins: Adjust the space around the block.
    • Padding: Adjust the space within the block.
    • BORDER COLOR: Select the border color from the theme color palette using the dropdown.
    • SHADOW: Choose the shadow style from the dropdown options.
    • POSITION: Choose the position from the dropdown options.
    • DISPLAY: Choose the display property from the dropdown options.
    • OPACITY: Choose the opacity level from the dropdown options.
  • Advanced:
    • ADDITIONAL CSS CLASS(ES): Input any additional CSS classes you want applied to the post excerpt.